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Entrada al Camping Torre de la Peña


We welcome you to our Camping, and on behalf of all our team we thank you for your trust placed in us, wishing you have a pleasant stay and making ourselves available for everything you need.
Rest, tranquility, relaxation

Our philosophy

We are a small family business, which we have been working for 5 decades to try to make our clients and friends spend wonderful vacations, in a unique environment, our main objective being to be able to offer rest, tranquility and relaxation, which is why it is very It is important that you read our regulations carefully before making your reservation or entering the campsite, and see in this way, if it meets your needs; The holiday offer in Tarifa is fortunately very wide and varied, with accommodation and leisure for all kinds of tastes and desires.

If you are looking for a place where to disconnect, sleep well, rest, relax, play sports, … you will have chosen well your vacation spot with us; If this is not the case, for your comfort we suggest places that offer a wider range of leisure activities (entertainment for both children and adults, area for groups, facilities focused on venting children, such as swings, a children’s pool where the most little ones can play…), with unbeatable quality.

Our regulations are mainly based on being able to create that environment of rest and tranquility that we want to offer, prioritizing respect both towards the rest of the campers and the entire team that works for you, as well as towards the facilities , the environment and the environment.

Any suggestion to improve our services will always be welcome.

Facilities and services

The campsite is divided into two areas, one down the road “BEACH AREA”, and the other up the road “MOUNTAIN AREA”. The beach area is located on the seafront, while upstairs, you can enjoy unbeatable views over the Strait of Gibraltar. Both areas are connected by a pedestrian tunnel under the road, making it safer to go from one side to the other.

In the upper area you will find the reception and supermarket, open every day from 8:30 in the morning. In the afternoon our staff carry out continuous surveillance rounds throughout the facility, so if you find the reception closed, you can contact us through the telephone at the entrance, or by calling 677 40 69 50. The swimming pool is also located in this area of the campsite, as well as the bungalows.

In the zone below , they have the Chiringuito “El Chozo” , an emblematic place in the area, where the sunsets, especially in the winter months, are a real show. During the months or days that it is not open, they have at their disposal the social room, an exclusive room for our campers, reading area, work area… with fireplace, television, Wi-Fi zone and a self-service of coffee/tea,

On the map of the campsite you can see the location of the rest of the services.

General regulations

The camping day includes from the moment of your arrival until 12 noon the following day. From this time, one more day of camping will be billed. If you wish to leave before 9 am, please settle your bill the evening before.

Depending on availability, consult the reception for the conditions and the possibility of paying an “extra supplement” to spend the afternoon.

Upon arrival, the plot to be occupied will be indicated, the client must inform the reception about any change in the number of people, children, vehicles, and also, it will be necessary to have authorization from the reception to change the plot.

All the camping elements must be ordered and without protruding at any time from the assigned plot. It is not allowed on the plot to install walls, reeds… as well as any furniture other than those used for camping.

To access the accommodation at the Camping, it will be mandatory to show your passport D.N.I, as well as fill in the documentation required at any time by the Spanish authorities, in addition to formalizing the corresponding admission form. Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to enter.

The vehicle access barriers are automatic. To enter and leave the Camping, you must place your vehicle on the arrow drawn on the ground, so that the reader recognizes your license plate and authorizes you to enter. Please note that the barriers are locked during quiet hours, between 00:00 and 07:00. If you arrive after 00:00 h. You must leave your vehicle in the parking lot at the entrance, and access your accommodation on foot. Similarly, if you want to leave before 07:00, you must leave your vehicle in the car park the night before.

Both day and night, rest is essential for us. In the facilities for common use (swimming pool, toilets, restaurant, social room…), minors will be accompanied by an adult, who will ensure that they, like them, respect the rest of the rest of the users at all times. Music that could disturb adjoining plots is not allowed

Hours of ABSOLUTE SILENCE from 00 to 08 hours.


For your safety and that of the rest of the campers, there is a system of video surveillance cameras in the facilities. With them, together with the continuous rounds carried out by our team personnel, both day and night, we intend to offer you the maximum possible security. However, we recommend that you do not leave valuables in plain sight without your supervision, as well as please notify reception if you witness any suspicious activity.

The campsite will only be responsible for objects deposited at reception against receipt.


All visits must be authorized at Reception. Visiting hours from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The maximum visit time is 30 minutes and in no case may they use the camping services. Depending on the capacity of the campsite, a visitor may not be allowed to enter.

The campsite has a limited capacity, keep this in mind when staying with family or friends, because once the limit is reached, no one else can be admitted, even if you already have a plot.

Regulations for dogs

  • Dogs are not allowed in the campsite during the month of August, likewise the rest of the year animals of a DANGEROUS BREED or crossbreeds of these will not be admitted.

  • In Bungalows and rooms are not allowed throughout the year. In the same way, they are not allowed in the common areas of the campsite (supermarket, swimming pool, toilets, beach bar…)

  • Dogs must be at all times tied up inside the campsite enclosure, and under the supervision of their owner, taking care that they do not disturb other campers.

  • You must be in possession of the documentation related to your dog, as well as civil liability insurance in case it is required.

  • The client will be responsible for cleaning or any damage that the dog could cause.

  • It will be necessary to leave a deposit of €50 at the reception, the client knowing that said deposit will not be returned if the rules are not met.

Swiming pool regulations

Keep in mind that the pool at our facilities is not focused on a vent area but rather is a “RELAX POOL”, so we kindly ask you , comply with the rules for its use, respecting the rest of the other users at all times:

  • Avoid shouting, jumping, and running.
  • It is not allowed to dive headlong or bomb. Use the stairs to enter the glass.
  • Minors will not be able to enter without being accompanied by an adult, who will ensure that they understand and comply with the existing regulations and will ensure their safety.
  • The use of balls, mats or bodyboards, buckets, water pistols, glass glasses is prohibited…
  • It is mandatory to shower before entering the pool.
  • Smoking may only be allowed in designated areas.
  • Animals will not be able to enter the enclosure.
  • It will not be possible to enter with any type of glass (bottles, glasses…)
  • Remember that there is no lifeguard available.
  • For your safety, the pool is monitored by cameras.