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Breathe ocean

Beach pitches

The pitches of the tarifa campsite next to the beach enjoy exclusive views of the Strait of Gibraltar with all services and the proximity of the restaurant and bar El Chozo.

Exclusive plots next to the beach.

  • Pool

  • Supermarket

  • Laundry
Prices include I.V.A. including.

Camping Beach Pitches Rates

Type Includes S Low S Mid S High
A+ Iconos Camping
Iconos Camping
22€/day 26 €/day 40 €/day
They are the most privileged plots, which have the best views, location and size. The main The difference between plots A+ and A is that in the low season, they are plots that receive a lot of light, therefore they are highly demanded by customers. The price includes two people, an accommodation unit (tent or caravan) + car, or a motorhome without a car.
* Electricity included ONLY in HIGH season
A Iconos Camping
Iconos Camping
21 €/day 26 €/day 40 €/day
They are the privileged plots, which have the best views or situation. The price includes two people, an accommodation unit (tent or caravan) + car, or a motorhome without a car.
* Electricity ONLY included in HIGH season
B Iconos Camping
Iconos Camping
16 €/day 20 €/day 31 €/day
These are standard pitches The price includes a single person, an accommodation unit (tent or caravan) + car, or a motorhome without a car. In high season includes electricity.

In high season all plots in area B beach are considered plots A

* Electricity ONLY included in HIGH season

Extras Camping

Extras / day Low Season Mid Season High Season
Adult 6 € 7 € 10 €
Child (0-12 years) 4 € 5.50 € 9.8 €
Car 4 € 5 € 10 €
Shop 3 € 3 € 5 €
Caravan 3 € 3 € 5 €
Motorhome 7 € 7 € 10 €
Motorcycle 2.5 € 2.5 € 3 €
Companion animals 1 € 1 € 3 €

In HIGH SEASON all beach plots are considered TYPE A PLOTS.

** Electricity is only included in HIGH SEASON in plots A and B **

Your Camping in Tarifa
Your Camping in Tarifa
Haz la reserva de tu parcela por whatsapp en el momento, de acuerdo a la disponibilidad. Facilita tu referencia de cliente habitual para reservar al instante.
Your Camping in Tarifa
Make the reservation of your Bungalow or Room at the moment, according to availability. Provide your regular customer reference to book instantly.
Travel without haste

Special discounts

Our rates have discounts for stays of several days or weeks. Discounts not cumulative. Ask about our special discounts when you make your reservation.

Camping Frequently Asked Questions

What is the check in and check out time?

For camping pitches, you can check in from 8:30 in the morning. Checkout is until 12 noon. 

What is included in the price of the plot?

An accommodation unit (car + caravan / car + tent or motorhome / van, plus 1 or 2 people (depending on the type of pitch you have chosen), and ONLY in high season also includes electricity. In medium and low seasons , electricity is optional and is paid separately. If you come with a tent and without a vehicle, you can opt for the “tent pitch”, which includes a tent and one person. Everything else will be billed as extra.

What is the difference between the different plots?

We have 2 camping areas (beach and mountain), and 3 types of plots: Plot A, Plot B and Tent Plot.

Plots A are the best located within the campsite, with incredible views over the Strait, and include 2 people (even if it is occupied by only one person; after the third person, these will be paid as an extra) and an accommodation unit ( car + caravan / car + tent or caravan / van)

Plots B only include one accommodation unit (car + caravan / car + tent or caravan / van) and one person (From the second person, these are paid as extra) Both plots A and B are included electricity in high season.

The Store Plot includes a store and a person. They are only located in the mountain area.

Is there internet access at the campsite?

Although the connection does not reach the plots and bungalows, we have two Wi-Fi zones located one in the bar and social room and another in the reception and pool area. In the rooms, given its proximity to the pool and reception, the connection usually also arrives

Is there a supermarket at the campsite?

Yes, the campsite has a small supermarket located at the reception.

Is there a custody service for valuables in a safe?
Yes, there is a safe deposit box service.
Do you accept pets at the campsite?

Pets are only accepted in plot areas and except for the month of August (From August 01 to 25). We do NOT accept them in bungalows and rooms.

In no case, not even in the plot area, will dogs classified as DANGEROUS BREED be admitted, and at all times they must take into account and comply with the REGULATIONS FOR THE STAY OF ANIMALS IN THE CAMPSITE.

Is there a bus service to move around?

Unfortunately, the town of Tarifa only has a bus service between the campsites and the town during the summer months. The rest of the year there is no local bus service, but there is to go to the nearest cities such as Algeciras or Cádiz.

Are there special activities for children?

Unfortunately, at our campsite we do not offer special activities for children. We focus on providing a calm and relaxed environment for all of our clients, and we understand that vacations can have a different meaning for each person. If you are looking for a place where your children can play and have fun without restrictions, this may not be the right campsite for you.

What is the noise and silence policy?

At Camping Torre de la Peña we are very careful with noise and quiet hours. Our main mission is that a relaxing environment with little noise predominates, so music that may disturb other parcels is prohibited and quiet hours must always be respected.

Check our REGULATIONS for complete information.

Are there discounts for belonging to a camper club?
Currently we do not have a concert with any association of campers. Our discounts are based on the number of nights.
Do you have surveillance inside the facilities?
The entire camping facility is under surveillance 24 hours a day. Both day and night there is at least one guard making continuous rounds, and we also have an extensive system of surveillance cameras. Despite this, and since our environment is a very quiet and safe place, we recommend that you keep an eye on your personal belongings and do not leave valuables in sight if you are not on the plot.
Is the water in sinks, baths and fountains drinkable?
All the water in the campsite is drinkable.
How can I book?

Currently we only work with reservations for stays in bungalows or rooms, being able to contact us directly by phone, WhatsApp or by filling out the reservation request on the page. We will check availability, and once the dates have been specified, we will send you a reservation document, in which we explain how to make a deposit on account to make the reservation firm.

Your Camping in Tarifa
Make the reservation of your Bungalow or Room at the moment, according to availability. Provide your regular customer reference to book instantly.